Ghrta – Cultured A2 Ghee (500 ml)


Ghrta or Desi Cow’s A2 Ghee is the single most ojas producing food on earth.

A1 milk from commercial dairy is linked to risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, IBS and even plain bloating. Indigenous breeds offer milk with A2 protein that reduces the risk of diabetes.

A good quality A2 ghee is not only made from A2 milk but also from the traditional bilona process. Milk is first turned into curd by using a microbe culture. Churn the curd clockwise and anticlockwise till the butter separates. This butter is heated slowly to obtain A2 Ghee.

Scientific papers prove that ghrita prepared by traditional ayurvedic methods contains higher amount of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid – is an omega3 fatty acid that is a primary structural component of human brain, cerebral cortex, skin and retina) as compared to cream separation method of preparing commercial ghee.

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