Higher DHA and nutrients

Ghrta contains higher amount of DHA i.e. Omega-3 fatty acids than cream-separated clarified butter sold commercially as 'ghee'. #BestFatForYourBody


Right of male calves protected.

Half of the milk is reserved to be fed to the calf first. Remaining is used to make Ghrta. Male calves are conserved on our farm - Bahula Godham, Vapi, for life.


The Bilona method of making Ghee

Curd is churned bi-directionally with a wooden churner to obtain butter and then ghee. It takes 30 litres of A2 milk to make 1 litre Ghrta.

Pure Desi Cow’s
A2 Ghee

Our team is bonded by the love of desi cows and their conservation while making the best A2 ahimsak ghee, prepared traditionally, available for the health conscious consumers.

G.H.R.T.A. also stands for “Ghee For Health Revitalisation Through Ayurveda.”

Gluten Free

Safe for lactose-intolerants

High Smoke Point

Free from Additives & Preservatives

Why Choose Ghrta ?

Ayurveda tell us of the myriad benefits of Ghrta or Desi cow’s ghee consumption. Some of those include strengthening immunity, weight loss, and improved digestion. But all these benefits are a result of the consumption of pure Desi Cow’s Ghee made from cultured A2 milk and not commercial cream separated clarified butter from A1 milk. the regular A1 Milk Ghee.

It takes 30 litres of precious ahimsak A2 milk to make 1 litre of Ghrta. Sale of Ghrta supports rearing of indigenous cows in their native breeding tract.

How to use Ghrta?

2 tsp of slightly-warmed Ghrta on an empty stomach early morning, is the best way to consume it. Addition of slightly-warmed Ghrta to your meals also reduces the glycemic index of food and acts like a prebiotic, helping in better assimilation of nutrients by the body.


What Our Customers Say

Ghrta is the best and most trusted brand of A2 Desi Cow ghee made traditionally. Don’t take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say about us.